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October 04 2016

Solving a problem by looking at the source code

by @DevOps_Kitties

October 03 2016

Trying the first prototype... Good enough.

by Manuel

September 30 2016

Not handling errors in your code

by @uaiHebert

September 29 2016


by simonbitdiddle

September 28 2016

Getting your build through the pipeline

by @mattnorrisme

September 23 2016

Reaction of a senior engineer, having seen it all before

by Travtex

September 22 2016

When you lose another service during a major outage

by Mr. White

September 21 2016

Job freezes with unexpected input


by @uaiHebert

September 20 2016

Petting your incomprehensible piece of code

by @uaiHebert

September 19 2016

Junior dev being awesome

by @uaiHebert

September 16 2016

How tar -zcf works

by @uaiHebert

September 15 2016


by crea7or

September 14 2016

When you realize who is behind all the pointless feature requests you have to implement

by devex

September 13 2016

Getting schooled by the technical lead of another team

by @uaiHebert

September 12 2016

Making the best out of a boring task

by @uaiHebert

August 23 2016

Using a framework that you do not understand


by @uaiHebert

August 22 2016

Successfully executing unknown commands on production environments

by @uaiHebert

August 19 2016

Coming to the conclusion that restarting things does not fix the app

by Jason

August 18 2016

Major change request 1 day before the release

by Radu

August 17 2016

AIX admins at LISA

by john

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